Fabrika - Logo & label Illustrations

Fabrika was big concept project and challenge. From the aspect of design and illustration to the point of making product recognizable. First, the idea for the logo was the design from the first years of last century. Simple industrial design with the custom letters and small frame under the name to describe the activity.

Fabrika has four deferent tastes, Red Beeard, Smillin' Goat, Portun and Hoptimus Prime. The first illustration I created was for the Red Beeard. The illustration is showing the Austro-Hungarian soldier in front of the tank. Tired of battles and who wants to go home.

The second label was Smillin' Goat. Hard and vibrant colors point to the rich of taste and strength of the beer. The goat is steampunk machine created to be the keeper of secrets. In the world of parallel universes, where all the law of physics were questioned.

Portun was the third one. Portun means big doors of the backyard. On the illustration representing the passage of transformation, freedom, and place where you fight for your dreams. Defeat the monster to go to the other side.

The last one for this project is Hoptimus Prime. Hoptimus is robot whose drive is on yeast. This illustration has the influence of many things, comics, cartoon, movies, and sci-fi.

This was the big project with big goals. I am happy that I success to make a product who is outstanding from the competition. Now I am waiting for the new beer to take the challenge for the new illustration.

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